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Our vision is to be the aquaculture technology leaders that enable aquaculture producers to accelerate the world’s transition to low carbon footprint animal protein in a sustainable way.

Our mission is to create services built on our ground-breaking technology focused on fish health & welfare and eliminating the problem of sea lice.

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In 2022, Konree Innovation was honoured to receive one of the inaugural Women Tech EU awards for women-led Deep Tech companies under the European Union’s Horizon Europe grant agreement 10107150. The new Women TechEU programme addresses the innovation gender gap by supporting women-led deep tech start-ups at the early, riskiest stage of companies.

With this scheme the EU seeks to help increase the number of women-led start-ups and create a fairer and more prosperous European deep-tech ecosystem. The prize celebrates the women behind Europe’s breakthrough innovations and seeks to create role models for women and girls everywhere.

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